Common Death Adder

Acanthophis antarcticus. Brookton Highway, WA.  One of the more interesting finds from herping outings. Death adders are easily distinguished by their triangular heads, and short, thick bodies, which taper into a thin tail. Death adders are the 4th most venomous snake in Australia, and hunt by an ambush technique. Using their thin tail as aContinue reading “Common Death Adder”

Freshwater crocodile

Crocodylus johnstoni. Annual freshwater crocodile survey. Windjana Gorge, The Kimberley. This was one of the most fantastic experiences I’ve had; trapping and processing freshwater crocodiles in a truly stunning and beautiful environment.        Sunset at Windjana Gorge All trapped crocs were processed (measured for head width, snout-vent length etc., weighed, and sexed), and released. CrocodilesContinue reading “Freshwater crocodile”