The big, the small, and the downright adorable.

The bulk of fieldwork is starting to wrap up for the year, so figured it was about time to update the website with some cool reptile finds! So far the list of herp species observations for this season stands at 11, 7 of those being new species for me (some pictured below).

Varanids (Varanidae)

Varanus panoptes (Yellow spotted monitor)

IMG_0097 copy


Dragons (Agamidae)

Ctenophorus scutulatus (Lozenge-marked dragon)

TWc scut


Caimanops amphiboluroide (Mulga dragon)

TWmulga dragon

Gecko’s (Gekkonidae)

Heteronotia binoei (Bynoe’s gecko)




The difference between a non-autotomised tail, and a regenerated tail.


A tremendously adorable hatchling Bynoe’s gecko.

TWBynoe eye


The incredible colouring of gecko eyes.

Gehyra variegata (Tree dtella)


Skinks (Scincidae)

Cryptoblepharus plagiocephalus (Péron’s snake-eyed skink)


CryptoIMG_0795 copy.jpg

Lerista mueller (Wood mulch-slider)


Elapidae (Elapids- venomous snakes)

Pseudechis australis (Mulga snake)

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