Charles Darwin Reserve

Recently I managed to take a trip up to Charles Darwin Reserve, WA. CDR is a beautiful reserve, and boasts an impressive animal species list. Unfortunately timing for weather wasn’t the best, so not many herps around, just this lizard person and a few gecko species.

Sunset at Charles Darwin Reserve

Although there weren’t many reptiles around, we did find a gecko with possibly the coolest tail I’ve ever seen. Strophurus strophurus (Western spiny tailed gecko) has some super cool gold bands around the tail, which seem to almost glow under light.They also have pretty cool gold circles around their eyes.

Gold bands on the tail of Strophurus strophurus
Strophurus strophurus

Another find was Lucasium squarrosum (Mottled ground gecko).

Lucasium squarrosum
Lucasium squarrosum

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